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Clipboard Hijacker: malware empties Bitcoin Wallets

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Quite a new malicious software called Clipboard Hijacker has it, except in the case of Windows computers on the Manipulation of the clipboard. As soon as the user stores a known Bitcoin address in the clipboard, it will change the address automatically. The Cryptocurrency ends up in the Wallet of the cyber criminals instead of the desired Account. This new variant is part of the recently emerged “All-Radio 4.27 Portable” malicious software package. It automatically monitors around 2.3 million Bitcoin addresses.

The Team from Bleeping Computer has identified a particularly sophisticated malicious software for Windows computers. In the Clipboard Hijacker 2.3 million Bitcoin are stored addresses for the cyber criminal worth money. Many users of Online trading courses, add the destination address of the Wallet via Copy & Paste. But as soon as the clipboard is one of the well-known 2.3 million addresses shows up, changed the Trojans the clipboard. Instead of the desired Wallet address automatically by the cyber criminals. The number of the stored Wallets is record-breaking. Previously known Clipboard Hijacker had only currencies of 400,000 to 600,000 addresses of various Crypto (mostly Bitcoin) in the Portfolio.

The malicious software installs itself fast, silent, and easy. After a successful Download of the file d3dx11_31.dll the Virus creates an executable file named “DirectX 11”, the outsiders will not be noticed due to the Name. This file is activated when the user logs in to Windows. Later, two more files are stored on the target computer. After that, nothing happens. The malicious software should not interfere with the ordinary operation and is also otherwise not noticeable. The infected Computer waiting for the Moment, until you add a Wallet address to the Clipboard. This will then be changed, if necessary. The Problem: If the user does not check the destination address of the Wallet carefully, he will not notice the fraud. If you sent the Coins, they land on the account of the cyber criminals and are thus lost forever.

How can I protect myself from the Clipboard Hijacker?

Those who want to protect themselves against Manipulation of its Bitcoin Transfers, it should bring its anti-virus Software up to date. The anti-virus Software should then check the PC completely. In addition, it is always a good idea, the destination address in the case of Transfers several times manually with the Original. Also with new malicious programs, it is possible to avoid thus, despite infection of a computer, that money will be diverted to the accounts of third parties. Of Clipboard hijackers was already reported more than ten years ago, at the time, also users of Mac OS X were affected by the infection. New is the change in the clipboard to crypto redirect currencies. The earlier malware has made itself immediately noticeable, because the was no more use to the clipboard. Particularly insidious is the new variant is, because it makes only noticeable when it is too late, and at the same time on a large database of Bitcoin addresses.

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