Cheryl Cole: ’you Leave my mother out of this’

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Cheryl Cole is pissed off about the messages that her mother has a big role in her break-up with Liam Payne. The couple made this weekend known after a relationship of over two years.

Cheryl Cole

Soon the rumors started that the mother of the singer something to do. The Daily Mail spoke with an insider who told us that Joan Callaghan ’part of the problems’ between Cheryl and the former One Direction singer was and there is a two against one situation was to arise where mother and daughter are constantly together pictures against Liam.

Cheryl refers to the stories now to the land of fables. “I can assure you that they have absolutely nothing to do with it,” she says in a post on Twitter about her mother. “I’m a grown woman and in my own life to lead.” The singer says that she actually never on gossip responding, but makes an exception as her mother. “She is a gentle, sweet woman who don’t deserve to be dragged out to be while it is separate from her.”

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