British ’nepspion’ arrested in Switzerland

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ZURICH – The Swiss police has one of the meestgezochte fraudeverdachten of Great Britain picked up. The 45-year-old Mark Acklom would a woman 850.000 pounds (approximately 960.000 euros) have afgetroggeld by for to do as an employee of intelligence service MI6, messages British media. He left then, with the noorderzon.

The victim told the BBC last year how Acklom her during their relationship on the wrong foot and managed to convert. So if the wife along to a scene a regular meeting with his boss at MI6. There she saw how the fraudster along heavily-armed security guards, underground parking, walked in, supposedly to through the back door to the building of the intelligence service to enter.

The man borrowed tons of his girlfriend and disappeared at the end of 2012. The authorities came to him later on the track in Switzerland, where he was in a lush apartment turned out to live with his wife and two children.

When agents of the property invaded, did the defendant, according to Sky News, an attempt of the balcony to jump. He could, however, against the ground can be worked. The British authorities will ask for his extradition.

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