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Brazilians swung not yet at this world cup, but these records are enough to bring the Red Devils to worry

64cb9b7d90d9505b317d048eb08bec59 - Brazilians swung not yet at this world cup, but these records are enough to bring the Red Devils to worry

In the quarter-finals of the world cup in Russia will take the Red Devils Friday night at 20h Brazil, without a doubt, the most prestigious country in the history of the world cup. The Divine Canaries have a lot of records on their belt.

1) Brazil is the only record with five world championships: in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. Germany and Italy were four-time world champion.

2) it is The only country that all 21 editions of the world Cup has played.

3) Brazil was also scoring the most world cup goals, with 228 roses. Neymar opened the score against Mexico in the eighth finals on Monday, giving the Seleçao Germany (226 hits) voorbijstak. Firmino reduced the number of ultimately on 228.

4) The Seleçao also won 73 world cup games, a record.

5) Four times had Brazil the topschutter of the tournament in the ranks: Leonidas (1938), Ademir (1950), Garrincha and Vava (1962) and Ronaldo (2002).

6) in Addition, reeg Brazil eleven consecutive world CHAMPIONSHIP victories together, and from 2002 to 2006.

7) The Divine Canaries scored in 18 consecutive matches, between 1930 and 1958.

8) Mario Zagallo was the first that the world CHAMPIONSHIPS won as a player (1958 and 1962) and then as coach (1970).

9) The legendary Pele also has a number of individual records to his name: the youngest goalscorer at a world cup, the youngest player who has a hattrick made, the youngest player and scorer in a final (1958). He is the only three time world CHAMPIONSHIPS won.

But… still no sambavoetbal in Russia


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Brazil at this world cup have not yet sambavoetbal, but finished first in group E after a draw against Switzerland (1-1) and victories over Costa Rica (2-0) and Serbia (2-0). In the eighth-finals switched the Brazilians to Mexico with 2-0 and showed that they are mainly a hard-to-disrupt a whole, that is enough offensive talent around to see the finish on the other side.

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