Biggest hit Afrojack arise under the shower

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Afrojack has a special look in the kitchen. In an interview with American music magazine, Billboard explains the dj and producer, and how his biggest hit Give Me Everything. “I was in the shower and I got the idea for a very cheerful, easy, simple little tune.”

Nick van de Wall, better known as Afrojack, was afraid of the melody to remember, and jump directly under the flowing water come from. “I have a towel folded and am straight to the studio gone. I think I have an hour or five with only a towel around in the studio have been. But the instrumental version was finished.”

Then switched Afrojack someone in to the demo in to sing and let that Pitbull hear. “He found the number great. In three or four takes was his verse good.”


Pitbull got in touch with Ne-Yo, who is on the other side of the United States was, and suggested a collaboration. Not even half an hour later, had Afrojack and Pitbull and Ne-Yo’s vocals. “Within a few days we had it.”

That Give Me Everything is a hit single was, amazed also Afrojack. “It is always a surprise if a number is such a hit. No one had expected it to be the biggest hit of the year would be.”

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