Belgian father and daughter die in France after fall into ravine

9ff7fb5af1efd8cbef9d040aa48cc09f - Belgian father and daughter die in France after fall into ravine

A Belgian father and his one year old daughter Monday to life when they were in a ravine and fell in the Haute-Savoie in France.

The 53-year-old Philippe Meurisse from Tourpes in Hainaut, together with his family since Saturday on vacation in the Haute-Savoie. Monday morning he made with his daughter Zélie (1) a walk in the near Seythenex, an area that he knew well. He would be a ‘small walk’ and therefore had his mobile phone and wallet on him.

Because the two around 15 hours still not had returned from that walk, beat the mother of the girl’s alarm. With twenty agents, search dogs and a helicopter was a search party set up.

in the Evening around 19 hours the two were found in a ravine, near the Pont du Facteur. The man may be with his daughter in a baby carrier on the back fallen down. According to the police, he had located in the forest go where no path was, but this was no particular risk. “There were two routes, of which one is very good, and the other less’, sounds at the police. ‘Probably wanted to be the man either a shorter route to take, or has he made a mistake.’

There is an investigation into the accident. It goes back to the seventh fatal accident in the Haute Savoie in little more than a week’s time.

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