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Basketbalduel degenerates into a massive slugfest: the national teams of the Philippines and Australia on the fist

A basketwedstrijd between the national teams of the Philippines and Australia is completely out of hand. Players and staff of both teams went in with each other on the fist. Finally, thirteen players excluded and was the match prematurely blown off.

The Philippines and Australia met Monday night in Bulacan near Manila, the Philippine capital, for a duel in the first round of the world cup 2019. During the third quarter went the dolls to the dance after a Filipijn his Australian opponent a push gave. Players and staff came to the premises incurred, were punches and there was a chair thrown.

After a while, when the rest returned, decided the referees thirteen players, nine in the Philippines and four Australians. The match was resumed, but again stopped because the homeland after a punishment too few players on the field had. Australia won 89-53.

The slugfest elicited a lot of responses. So said the Filipino coach that the fight was “totally unacceptable”, but he pointed there at the same time that his players already during the warming-up were challenged by the Australians. The ceo of Basketball Australia, said the incident “deeply regrettable”. “We are very disappointed. This is not where the sport stands for and certainly not how we basketball want to experience. We offer our apologies and await the sanctions.”

The international basketfederatie FIBA announced a disciplinary procedure against the two countries.

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