Austria threatens eu’s external borders after German accord

a4eb5673e33d485fc449440305e9035d - Austria threatens eu's external borders after German accord

If Germany continues with the new migration policy, Austria will itself also take action and the southern borders to protect. That has Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz declared for his speech in the European Parliament. German minister Seehofer wants to get with Austria is required.

‘Europe can only continue to exist if there are strong external borders, ” stressed the Austrian chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, in his speech in the European Parliament. He referred explicitly to the new immigration arrangements on which German chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and CSU chairman and German Interior minister Horst Seehofer Monday evening reached a political agreement.

“If this agreement, the official position of the German government, we are forced to take action to prevent adverse consequences for Austria and its population to avoid”, said Kurz earlier this morning in a statement. ‘If it is needed, Austria will take measures to make our southern borders (with Italy and Slovenia) to protect.’

The Germans want asylum seekers who are already in another member state of the European Union are registered, from transitcentra on the German-Austrian border, to return to the member state in question. Austria fears that more migrants will need to absorb.

Kurz demands that the Berlin position is clarified. Seehofer promised already as fast as possible to Vienna to do with Kurz to talk. According to him, the Austrian chancellor, however, interested in the “alert solutions”. Seehofer stated further that the Germans in the transitcentra to the southern border ‘no people will stick’. ‘When in doubt, they can back to Austria, they will just the country can not binnenkunnen.’

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