Austria takes measures against a diplomat after foiled attack

Austria wants to be an employee of the Iranian embassy in Vienna diplomatic status to deny because he would be involved in the planning of an attack.

The Iranian ambassador was summoned to the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vienna. “We have the sending state requested the inviolability of the Iranian diplomat to lift’, said a spokesman. The diplomat is within 48 hours of the diplomatic status deprived on the basis of the impacts of an arrest warrant’.

Austria takes the measures after it became known that this weekend would be an attack on a congress of Iranian members of the opposition foiled. The Belgian state Security service intercepted this weekend, a car with a ready to use bomb on board. A couple from Wilrijk Belgian nationality, but of Iranian origin, was used by the special units of the police intercepted in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe. They viseerden the annual meeting of the Iranian Volksmoedjahedien (MEK) in Villepinte, near Paris.

Detectives picked up this weekend an Iranian diplomat from the embassy in Vienna, in Germany. Assodollah A. (47) would be a member of the Iranian secret service, MOIS. He would put the whole operation in Paris, as part of the drawing. He would also have the explosives provided in the car of the couple, Amir and Nasimeh was found.


The opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NVRI) demanded because of the accusations against the diplomat that the visit of the Iranian president Hassan Rohani to Vienna would be cancelled. ‘In such a situation would be for the 4th of July planned receipt of Rohani in Austria, a blot on the democracy and human rights, and terrorism and crime encouragement, ” she said.

Rohani was Tuesday for political talks in Switzerland. He wants to be the nuclear agreement where the United States against his, rescue, and economic cooperation with Tehran argue.

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