Well-known heads in new musical Teen series

14f7a1a6735d592992c873c10e3d92c9 - Well-known heads in new musical Teen series

In the spring of 2019 takes Teen out with a new fiction series: ‘#LikeMe’. The pictures are just a start. On the set are some of the big names such as Gunther Levi, Janine Episcopal and Hugo Sigal.

Their voice should already warming up, because it promises to be a musical sequence. Surprisingly enough, you can hear in #LikeMe Flemish and Dutch classics. so the Teen their young viewers to get acquainted with the Dutch classics from the time of their parents. Of felt vulnerable ” with ‘Lights of the Scheldt’ to ‘The past that beautiful summer’ by Gerard Cox. And the music of Nicole & Hugo? That may of course not be missing. In addition, Hugo Sigal is also an important role, that of head teacher Wolfs. The story is mainly set in and around the school. Caro and her family live in a small village in the Ardennes. When Caro’s mom becomes ill, they decide to go to the city to relocate. A large adjustment. Caro moves from a small school, where everyone knows each other, to an environment full of conflicts and a biting social hierarchy. Jeroen Van Dyck and Ann Van den Broeck in the Teen-series of the parents of Caro. Janine Cathedral the grandmother. Gunther Levin and Sven The Knight to do something they never did: put together a homokoppel forms. They are the parents of Vince. The list of great actors goes on and on! Just as Teen-series as Ghost Rockers, D5R and 4eVeR this series is also a first step for some promising acteertalenten #Likeme is a co-production of Fabric Magic and Ketnet and will show in the spring of 2019.

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