The last heroic struggle of Seehofer

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The German Interior minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU), has last night considered his dismissal to offer. It was for him the only possibility was to ‘credible’ to remain, when it became clear that the agreement that Merkel from Brussels, are light-years away from the firm price that he wants to sail.

Horst Seehofer is on 4 July, 69 years of age. The last couple of years his body several times indicated that the political firm of demolition work had been carried out. In 2002 he received a hartspierontsteking that …

Horst Seehofer is on 4 July, 69 years of age. The last couple of years his body several times indicated that the political firm of demolition work had been carried out. In 2002 he received a hartspierontsteking who was almost killed and this year he has been several times blind, is to give because he is too weak felt. “I balance constantly on the edge of what you physically expect,” he said.

He barely has time for his friends, his family and his hobbies. Seehofer is a fanatical collector of modelbouwtreinen. In the basement of his house in Bavaria is a large scale model with small spoorlijntjes and the stations of Bavaria and Bonn on Madurodamformaat. Why get this tired warrior not from the political arena at home the trains to drive?

‘Self-confident but vulnerable’

It is a very difficult question to answer. According to a journalist of the Frankfurter Allgemeine let Seehofer rarely in the cards look. The conservative christendemocraat from Bavaria spent his whole life tried to for others, inexplicably. That is a strategy that you are very self-confident people encounter, or just in people who find it necessary to protect themselves from others. It would be the journalist not be surprised if Seehofer just for those two reasons in riddles hult: the politician is very self-conscious, but at the same time very vulnerable.

His father was a truck driver who bijkluste in the construction industry, as he regularly was unemployed. The young Horst began after high school as a civil servant to work in his hometown Ingolstadt. At the age of twenty he joined the CSU (Christlich-Soziale Union in Bayern), the more conservative Bavarian variant of the national party CDU (Christlich Democratic Union Deutschlands). He has had to fight to get there. He was the eternal outsider, the loner. Maybe it was the good profile to be the figurehead of the CSU, a party which at national level her entire life over her weight boxes. If half of the Union, the CSU and the CDU together, have the politicians from the federal state of Bavaria very much influence in Berlin.

Borders open

Angela Merkel (the chancellor from CDU ranks) and Seehofer have never well with each other. They have in their LAT relationship several times, knocked, and each time has Seehofer, the thumbs should lay. For a man who feels that ‘credibility’ his main asset, it was difficult to make turns to the government Merkel ultimately not compromising.

Their dispute about the migration policy is already several years old. When Merkel in 2015, said that Germany, the influx of migrants and refugees, or more rigorously, stroke them against the grain of Seehofer, who was then the minister-president of Bavaria. Calculated in his state, were the migrants flock arrived and he claims that Merkel he was never consulted before the limits openzette.

At the subsequent parliamentary elections in 2017 holds the CSU in Bavaria just 39 percent of the votes, instead of the usual 50 percent. A lot of voters for the extreme right-wing party Alternative für Deutschland voted. That defeat on the right was by Seehofer to the credit of Merkel written.

Beer over wine

In October, in Bavaria’s state elections held. The CSU will again be a good score by the voters to AfD are defecting to bring back. The discourse of Seehofer is therefore harder. He says that the islam is not in Germany hear and he wants his country as the borders close.

Seehofer is always a Beier remained. It is said that he beer on top of wine you prefer and feel more comfortable in a lederhose feel than in a suit. He is more concerned with his Bavaria, than with the larger Germany. Now he has the last couple of weeks seem willing to to the German government in heavy weather to bring to his personal credibility on the field of migration, not to lose, has only to do with his Bavarian constituency and the fear for the state elections of 14 October. He has his point of view on migration so far ventured that he no longer can.

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