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“Tether FUD”: Kraken reports to word

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After analysts from Bloomberg want to have recently discovered that octopuses with Tether price manipulation to take place, reported to the stock exchange immediately. On her Blog, she denied the suspicion of manipulation, and described the allegations as a “Tether FUD”. The argument can only be convincing to a limited extent.

The suspicion, the Bloomberg said, referring to Wash Trading. This procedure describes the control of both sides of transactions, in order to convey a false image of supply and demand. The want to found the news Agency through the investigation of 56,000 Trades on Kraken. After they had presented the data of economic experts for the analysis, it was said that everything indicates that it was market manipulation by Trading Bots.

Influence of small and large Order

The first indication was, according to Bloomberg, that greater Order had a negligible influence on price movements, while smaller, Order did this. Kraken responded to this allegation:

“Price fluctuations are in USDT usually quite low. And more importantly, Small Trades and large Trades do not lead to, or similar Changes in the price, since the book gives a very much larger Buy or Sell Order in the order that was not fulfilled. Everyone, including Bloomberg, one can check this hypothesis by looking at our order books, and a Trade in order. All data are accessible to the public […].“

Tether-the market is “tiny”

The second Argument, the defence refers to the fact that the USDT market on Kraken “tiny”:

“As proud as we may be to the fact that we have such a high Reputation in the industry, we can’t say, unfortunately, by us, to be the Lord of the USDT course. This is more to do with the billions of USDT, which are traded on the BTC/USDT or ETH/USDT on other platforms.

“Manipulation What Is Manipulation?”

The third “Argument” – titled “Manipulation What is Manipulation?”, the effect is not very convincing:

“We know from the high Level of trust that our customers place in us to manage your Assets and to ensure that we provide you with a secure Trading experience. We would put our reputation is never at risk, by providing Manipulation on our platform or support.“

To affirm this, to grab the first Argument again:

“As we have already mentioned, you have to look at our order book, in order to understand, why Trades of varying size that is too low lead to no Changes in the rates. If you use the order book is too complicated, think of the inventory in your super markets. Why does the price of Avocados not every time, if you put one in your basket?“

Subsequently, Kraken, refers to the fact, but to look at other Exchanges after Wash Trading:

“If you are looking for potential Wash Trading, one should look perhaps elsewhere.”

Also, the Kraken in your Statement, is USDT no credit risk for Exchanges. Tether was to the effect that no other Asset than Bitcoin, Ether, or other. Even if the Kraken kept Tether would fall to Zero dollars, would Kraken still have to give the same number of tokens to the users back, as they had deposited. Finally, it argues Kraken, the stock of USDT in the case of Kraken “seem reasonable.” So octopuses have compared the inventories of Fiat between January 2017 and April 2018, with the output of the USDT. You have found a positive correlation, and to believe, therefore, “no reason that the Token will blow a stock artificially.”

All This Is Coincidence?

There is a disturbance, the Bloomberg prompted by Trading Bots to be assumed, was the third most common Trading Order, which was 13.067,389 USDT. This is whether the accuracy and amount to an eye-catching number. The suspicion: The Bots are programmed to make exactly this Order, thereby changing the ratio of supply and demand artificially. Kraken justified himself by saying that they had checked it out. The response of the Traders: The Order has been selected “literally random”.


It may be that the Kraken has nothing to do with price manipulation. It may also be the case that no price manipulation has taken place. The type of octopus to solve this conflict “” does not demonstrate professionalism.

The show mainly two things:

  • The approach of the Kraken is very emotional. Although one can understand that the allegations of Wash trading calls emotions – after all, that would speak against the stock market. This would mean either that the security of the stock market leaves something to be desired, or that she knows and it is tolerated. However, the argument suffers from the emotional approach, strong and, therefore, unprofessional.
  • Because of The note that it “was somewhere else” look, if you search for Wash Trading, not cancels the suspicion. Also, the Statement that the suspect’s Order was “randomly” selected, cannot convince in the end. Strong arguments are not, if one refers to the fact that Bloomberg wants to have analyzed 56.000 Trades.

Desirable of a goal would be awareness in the Form of a Dialogue instead of an irrelevant discussion.

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