SPD demands immediately coalitieoverleg: ’stop with that ego-trip’

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BERLIN – The German social democrats of the SPD (social democratic Party of Germany) demands immediate consultation of the leaders of the governing coalition. The SPD rules together with the christian democratic zusterpartijen CDU and CSU who argue about immigration policy that the Bavarian CSU minister of Home Affairs, Horst Seehofer, wants to execute.

SPD leader Andrea Nahles warned that “the ego-trip of the CSU must stop.” The patience in the SPD is on, according to Nahles on Monday, still “on the future of the government want to speak.” She warned that her party will not compromise on migration policy between the CSU and the CDU of chancellor Angela Merkel to swallow.

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The democrats run an irresponsible drama, and their quarrels must cease, according to Nahles. The leaders of the CDU and CSU want to 17.00 hours again to come together to find a compromise between Seehofers national approach and But European approach.

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