Rutte on a visit to Trump: ‘Relationship with the Netherlands better than ever’

29aa949a7887f2c8f32a50d601defc65 - Rutte on a visit to Trump: ‘Relationship with the Netherlands better than ever’

The relationship between the United States and the Netherlands is ‘better than ever’. That has the American president Donald Trump said Monday during a meeting with Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte in Washington. It is the first visit by Rutte to Trump.

Trump began almost immediately on the international trade, one of the most contentious topics on the agenda of the government. According to the American president, ‘we are close to closing a couple of good trade deals, at least: fair trade agreements. Fair trade deals for our taxpayers, our workers and our farmers.’ Trump complains already that free trade sometimes bad turns out for many Americans.

The president referred to the disagreement between the U.S. and the European Union on trade and import duties, which threatens a trade war. Trump assured that there will be consultation with the EU and ‘if something good comes out’.

More jobs

Rutte be correct on the number of jobs that the trade between the Netherlands and the US yields. His goal is ‘to increase’. He argued that ‘there are so many possibilities for the U.S. and the Netherlands, to do more’ to each other’s economy and security, to strengthen.

The Dutch prime minister came Monday night a little after 20.00 (Belgian time) at the official residence of the American president. The maintenance between the two would be an hour need to take.

Earlier in the day signed the American and Dutch ambassadors, a treaty of military cooperation. In addition to the exchange of personnel, they also share information. And also in the area of defence the two countries, the cooperation intensified.

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