Oprah supporter of Mexico during world cup

3cdf44a08b016c7f368e4470b672695f - Oprah supporter of Mexico during world cup

The tv-personality support of its neighbouring country, that Monday in the eighth-finals in action against Brazil.

If Oprah Winfrey is going to Mexico during the world cup with the title off. The tv personality encouraged her neighbor Sunday in a video on Instagram.

In the movie carries Oprah the football jersey of Mexico. “World cup fever in our house”, she wrote in the video, in which she and a group of other supporters on the terrace. “Congratulations to all of the countries participating in the world cup,” she says in the clip. “We love all countries, but the most of Mexico. So for Brazil against Mexico tomorrow: Mexico!”

The post was quickly picked up and shared by the official account of the Mexican national team, that the movie shared and Oprah welcomed at the legion.

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