Olivia de Havilland celebrates 102nd birthday

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Gone With The Wind actress Olivia de Havilland is Sunday 102 years old. The Hollywoodveteraan celebrated her birthday in France, where they’ve been since the 50’s, lives.

Left: photo from 1937, right: photo from 2006

De Havilland starred in the iconic film from 1939 the role of Melanie Hamilton, the brave counterpart of Vivien Leighs character Scarlett O’hara. She was previously nominated for an Oscar, which she did not won. Later, she was still two times Academy Award-fetching; in 1946 for her role in To Each His Own and in 1949 for The Heiress.

The aged actress was recently in the news when they are the creators of the series, Bette And Joan accuses. They did not agree with the way they Catherine Zeta-Jones portrayed in the show. That focuses on the rivalry between actresses Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, who both are now deceased, but also The de Havilland occurs in the story. Therein is suggested that they gossip the world helped her chances at an Oscar to enlarge. Also was the actress furious that they were in Feud with her sister, Joan Fontaine, a ’bitch’.

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