Nearly 3000 agents make hunting escaped French criminal

e695f9e01d32f9a939e6495b2e1b1d08 - Nearly 3000 agents make hunting escaped French criminal

PARIS – France has 2900 agents released for hunting the infamous criminal Redoine Faïd from a jail south of Paris, has escaped. The police also outside of France, is asked to look at the man.

Premier Edouard Philippe said for the French tv station RTL that the picking up of the 46-year-old Faïd is the highest priority. Faïd escaped Sunday from the prison at Réau, southeast of Paris. Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet said that the escape may be a long time is prepared. They let us know that there may be a connection between the escape and drones that a few months ago about the cell area flew.


Faïd managed to escape with the aid of accomplices from outside the prison. To the attention of prison staff, have reported several armed men at the entrance of the prison for the release of the criminal to requirements, at the same time, landed a helicopter in the courtyard of the prison. With that device knew Faïd to escape.

He sat a long prison sentence for an armed robbery and the murder of a police officer.

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