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Nakamoto Family Foundation: We are all Satoshi Nakamoto

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Since the 29. June 2018, there is on the Website a first excerpt from the book “Duality”. The author of the book is supposed to be the legendary Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto. Upon closer examination, one comes to a different conclusion.

Who Satoshi Nakamoto is? The search for the identity behind the name “Satoshi Nakamoto” on remains a mystery. The latest news appeared on the website Here, the alleged Satoshi published an excerpt from his planned book. A look at the extract raises strong doubts as to whether it is the “real” Satoshi.

On the page announcing the excerpt from the upcoming book that tells Satoshi that his book will appear in two Parts. In an easy-to-solve crypto-gram (caution: spoilers!) he reveals the title of the book: Honne and Tatemae. This title describes a phenomenon that we recently in our series on digital identity described: The difference between the inner (Honne) and the Masquerade (tatemae), which we in the society raise the social roles.

He also admits at the same time

“I want to say that there are many who had a part in this project, many names of which I have not mentioned. Individuals who have chosen, for various reasons, to go Public. Out of respect to you, I have not called you.“

“Satoshi,” and the Cypherpunks

In the excerpt he describes the basic idea behind Bitcoin and that you are the Cyberpunk movement come from, to which he had joined at the age of 14 years. Satoshi Nakamoto is also the Japanese equivalent of the Name “John Smith” – Lieschen Mueller or Otto Müller. He explains further:

“At some point it became a part of the Community, obviously, that Satoshi Nakamoto could not be real. And even though I pulled out all the stops, to ignore all this, were some people smart enough to have the Whole to look. Maybe Satoshi Nakamoto was actually a Pseudonym. Maybe I was not from Japan, but of English descent. Some came to this conclusion after they analyzed my way of Writing. To be honest, that was something I learned early on – good English. (I must admit, however, that I know that my writing has changed style in the meantime. I don’t use double spaces , and I also know that I’m not as seriously, maybe because I older now am. If you tried in the ‘ 20s, to appear older than it is, to be in a Community that continues to age with experience, accepted, and to his own project forward – you would not believe what a man will do anything.“

Are we not all a bit of a Satoshi?

Literary seen, you are dealing with a (most likely deliberate) game with the categories of author and Protagonist. Already the title indicates such a split. Also of note, that many people had a part in the project, suggests that it is not the “real” Satoshi is the one who wrote these lines. Rather, it raises the question of whether there is this real Satoshi at all. In connection with the note, that behind Satoshi Nakamoto is the Japanese equivalent of Otto Müller hides, one can conclude from this perspective: We are all Satoshi Nakamoto. At least when it comes to the Nakamoto Family Foundation – whoever’s behind this.

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