’Kidnappers’ lynched in India

4612476215be4935a81d0ec7b179dbfe - ’Kidnappers’ lynched in India

MUMBAI – An angry mob in India five people lynched who were mistaken for kidnappers that the children have coined. Villagers took the law into their own hands after the victims, a young girl had approached the village Rainpada, messages Indian media.

The five dead persons were itinerant beggars who were settled in the village. There were just rumors about a gang of kidnappers who would be active in the area. A source within the police says to the newspaper Hindustan Times that achterdochtige villagers their victims body went with sticks and stones.

Social media

The police has now at least fifteen suspects were arrested. Other people involved may have fled after a video of the violence went viral on social media. Such killings are more common in India, where social media nepnieuws circulates about kidnappersbendes.

Note: the following images may be shocking to be experienced.

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