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Identity 6.0.: What can we Mr. Robot learning

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We embark on the journey to personality: What is identity? How to get from analog to digital identity? Now it is about to end: What can be done with decentralized technologies for the Digital identity? Today: Identity, 6.0.: What can we learn from Mr. Robot.

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Anyone who has seen Mr. Robot, retains a queasy feeling. Quickly, you will want to mask off his Laptop camera, microphone, patch up, and the Computer is best to throw out the window – because nothing is sure. The Protagonist of the series, Elliot Alderson says at one point:

“People always represent the best possible security gaps. I’ve found it’s never particularly difficult to hack most of the people.“

Mr. Robot, and the question of digital identity

In the fight against the multi-national conglomerate Evil Corp. the paranoid Schizophreniker Elliot Alderson hacking almost effortlessly into the lives of his fellow human beings – and somehow in their heads. When Watching a dark picture, which is marked by Paranoia as the Protagonist of the series. Almost all of us carry the receivers, to make such Hacks possible in the pocket. Our smart phones contain everything, what makes us different: the Bank account, Shoe size, sexual preferences and taste in music. All of this hovers somewhere in that elusive space of the Digital.

At the latest after it has been observed Elliot Alderson at the effortless Chopping of identity data, should deal with the question of the security of its data. Then, one can ask the question: to Whom does this data belong? The answer to both questions is located on Central servers. It was the security and the concomitant protection of the data or the power of it – both of which are located in most of the cases in each of the “Evil Corps”, and rarely in individuals.

Mr. Robot – Fucking Society! [German HD]

Watch this Video on YouTube.

How do we get the Power over our data?

One more reason to consider how to gain the Power over his data back. Approaches already exist, but so far, the urgency to use this also does not seem to exist yet. It was convenience or just ignorance: Many people it seems to be still no matter what happens with your data. Should you want to look around yet for Alternatives, we have some suggestions, where you regain the Power over his data back. In addition, you get money for it.

Steemit – For blogging to be paid

Steemit is similar to the well-known social networks, most likely Reddit. The main difference is that All of the blog entries are stored on the Blockchain. This blog you can post entries from Accounts. It is created according to particular reading-, listening – or see entries that others have users the possibility to rate this with Steem Power or Steem dollars. Furthermore, there is an internal reputation system. The decentralized network by the internal crypto currency and Wallet System as a first approach, in order to escape the data Kraken.

Jolocom – Sovereign digital identities

The project Jolocom aims to offer its users a “self-sovereign Identity”. An Option to manage his identity in a sovereign way on an App. In connection with a Wallet and the ability to identify themselves by fingerprint, the user must also decide whom you want to give how and when your data – especially what you get for it.

Minds – Like Facebook, only better

Minds is a project that is contrary to the habits of the user is probably still the most. It combines the features of Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, and the users need to get used to it here a change is probably the least. The rear of the platform, the underlying Code is part of the Community – all have access and can modify it. By the network no censorship to prevail, it supports freedom of expression. But there are also users of the platform, whose opinion you want but don’t necessarily listen to. However, you can filter its Newsfeed manually to work around this.

Here, too, the users can earn money with your data. With a Peer-to-Peer advertising system, users will be able to apply and get money. You can be in Bitcoin, or pay by credit card.

Famous last words

Admittedly, the presented selection is very small. In the world of Blockchain and decentralization are numerous approaches to cavort, to escape to the centralized management of Facebook and Google. But until that happens, you must first be a change in thinking. Ultimately, Mr. Robot gives you a food for Thought, after you do not need to accept the centralization of Power (through data) is mandatory.

The Option to delete his profile, and the Power of its data back, ultimately lies with each self. To say it with Elliot Alderson:

“Delete. If you make this choice, there is always the Moment of hesitation. This annoying ‘Are you sure?’-Dialog box. Then you make your decision. Yes or no.“

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