His fellow prisoners, filming how topgangster escapes in helicopter

The 46-year-old topgangster Redoine Faïd was Sunday morning at 11: 30 am escape from the prison of the French Réau, after a helicopter with a few heavily armed men in the courtyard of the prison was landed. Faïd was at that time in the ‘ entrance. A few fellow inmates, who apparently have a smartphone in your pocket, could the action from their cell filming.

Faïd was in 2011 arrested for an armed robbery in which a police officer was killed and must have a term of imprisonment of 25 years to sit out.

The whole action lasted not more than a few minutes, according to the gevangenisdirectie. There were no injuries. The helicopter was later found in Gonesse, about sixty kilometres away from the prison. There was a black car Faïd and his companions to wait. According to a police source, was the pilot, an instructor who was held hostage by friends of Faïd.

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