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Hint Salah or his knalseizoen at Liverpool

4134600d8ddb0fb1e018737b6d900d2a - Hint Salah or his knalseizoen at Liverpool

Mo Salah looks are knalseizoen at Liverpool cashed in a new agreement. The Egyptian star, 26, has been with the Reds a new and long-term contract was signed, as confirmed by the club Monday on his website.

It was going to make a commitment until 2023, without opstapclausule, which he in the selection of Jurgen Klopp the highest earning player next to Roberto Firmino and Virgil van Dijk.

Salah swapped last summer AS Roma for Liverpool and instantly became a sensation with the English. In 52 games was the team mate of Simon Mignolet, no fewer than 44 times the road to the nets. Only clublegende Ian Rush did for Liverpool with 47 goals ever better in a season. With 32 competitiedoelpunten was Salah also topschutter in the Premier League and he was voted Player of the Year, for Kevin De Bruyne.

With Liverpool reached Salah the final of the Champions League, but he fell after a half an hour with a shoulder injury. Real Madrid won the match 3-1.

By which injury was Salah not completely fit for the world cup in Russia. He missed the openingsmatch against Uruguay (0-1), but could play against Russia (1-3) and Saudi Arabia (1-2). Although he’s in both matches scored, could Salah the 0 to 9 do not prevent.

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