French topgangster able to escape thanks to drones

8651e191c25cc84c8b5c6b04b8616e4f - French topgangster able to escape thanks to drones

The gang in the French topgangster Redoine Faïd Sunday helped escape from the prison of Réau, are likely to have drones used to escape to prepare.

According to the French minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet, there is little doubt that the gang of drones have contributed to the escape of Faïd to prepare. After Sunday a helicopter had landed in the courtyard, broke two armed men inside the prison to Faïd to pick up from the ‘ entrance. The whole operation took only a few minutes, and there were no injuries.

‘It is a most extraordinary escape, which is obviously a very accurate preparation early, as both a helicopter, three men and a captured helicopter pilot were needed, ” said Belloubet Monday in a statement. According to her, the past few months, regularly drones spotted near the prison at Réau.


The minister also asks that the prison system in France immediately, it is examined for weak spots. It is the second time in five years that Faïd escaped from a French prison. After his escape from the prison of Séquedin in 2013, he could be six weeks out of the hands of the court remain. Belloubet is confident that the Faïd also now will be found. Nearly 3,000 agents are looking for him.

The 46-year-old French-Algerian ‘ontsnappingskoning’ was a term of imprisonment of 25 years. He led in the nineties, a gang that is armed robbery, organized in and around Paris and said that hollywood films such as Scarface him to do so, had inspired. In 2009 he wrote even a book about his criminal past.

Fellow prisoners could escape from Faïd filming:


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