‘Foiled attack is a tactical move to Iran to harm’

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The Iranian minister of Foreign Affairs, has his doubts about the foiled attack on a conference of the Iranian opposition MEK in France. He called the affair a ‘tactical move’ to Iran to harm.

With a foiled attack in Paris would be a conference in Paris endorsed, where 25,000 people were expected, organized by the Iranian opposition MEK (les Moudjahidines du Peuple Iranien). That since 1981, it is prohibited in Iran.

The Iranian Foreign minister Mohammed Jawad Sarif has on Twitter are doubts: “How convenient: just like we do a presidential visit to Europe to start (to Switzerland and Austria, ed.), is an alleged Iranian operation uncovered and two Iranians were arrested.’

The minister called the incident and the link with Iran is questionable. Yet it is Iran prepared to help the competent authorities to work together, says Sarif, adding that ” Iran unequivocally any form of violence and terror condemns’.

The MEK was in the sixties, founded by leftist students and graduates who are against the pro-western shah to oppose it and a synthesis of islam and marxism pursued. They supported the revolution against the shah in 1979, but came very fast in clash with the new leader, the ayatollah Khomeini, that their leaders executed. The leadership now lives in France.

‘The iranian government has initiated’

The Iranian opponents of the National Verzetsraad of Iran (NCRI), which has close ties with the MEK, had the government accused the impetus to have given the plan for the attack.

‘The conspiracy of the terrorist dictatorship which is in power in Iran, committing an attack against the large gathering of the Iranian resistance in Villepinte, is foiled’, says the NCRI Monday in a statement to AFP.

British couple held

The federal public prosecutor’s office declared on Monday that two nationals of Iranian origin were arrested . The two from Wilrijk were under aanhoudingsmandaat placed for attempted terrorist murder and preparing a terrorist crime.

In Germany, in the same case an Iranian diplomat was arrested, what the opposition then suggests that Iran is involved in the attempted attack.

And also in France, were Saturday already three people arrested because of possible ties would have with the Belgian couple. Two of them were back on Monday evening released.

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