First Jan-Willem start on was ‘a party’

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Jan-Willem Roodbeen has the fullest enjoyed the first broadcast of the Radio 2-ochtendshow. “Delicious, it really was a party”, beamed the dj after Jan-Willem start on for the camera of the ANP.

Jan-Willem Roodbeen in the studio of NPO Radio 2 during the first broadcast of his ochtendshow Jan-Willem Start. Roodbeen is the hoofdpresentator and Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte his sidekick.

“We have enjoyed. Radio is the most beautiful thing there is and this time is really amazing.” Jan-Willem is satisfied with the content of the show. “The music was good, the information was fun, the listeners were very sweet. So let the following, but come!” Also for side-kick, Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte, it felt good. “It really felt like the episode 238 or so.”

The duo took the morning about Gerard Ekdom, which is from september ochtendshow presents on Radio 10. Tips Jan-Willem from its predecessor. “He has threatened to in the middle of the night appjes to send to wake me up to keep. That I when he began systematically done,” laughs Jan-Willem. “But no. We got some congratulations just for the show, so he was there early for out of his bed, went, really a topcollega. No tips, but a lot of support, really very nice.”


Also without appjes Gerard was Jan-Willem last night. “I have more gezweefd then slept. The only thing that I could think of was: when is that alarm clock? That went to 03.45 hours. I have only are bounce, which I do still by the way.”

About the competition, soon, Gerard, Jan-Willem’t worry. “I think this is the best time is to go with a new ochtendshow to start. I can’t remember that in the recent radiogeschiedenis as much ochtendshows at the same time changed. We have now started, will Gerard, Edwin Evers goes away in January and no one knows which way. What we’re going to do our best and hope for the best.”


Both men have the utmost confidence in their ochtendshow. “If I see what kind of reactions we already received so much love from listeners. While they also have to get used to perhaps, because it is their ochtendritme that in a times have changed”, says Jan-Willem. “I also think it is because we all the two, of course, been a very long time at Radio 2 and millions of us know” reckons Jeroen. “There will surely be people who go along with Gerard, because Gerard obviously has loads of fans. You cannot get around and that is understandable.”

Jan-Willem finds it ’nice that there is what to choose’. “I think we should start with our strength, the best music, and the information that you need in the early morning. You’ll be fine.”

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