Dutch prime minister is going to catch up with Trump

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The Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte brings Monday, his first visit to the American president Donald Trump at the White House in Washington. A very concrete reason is not there: it is a ‘kenningsmakingsgesprek’, which she ties between both countries want to quote.

Nevertheless, the two no strangers to each other. They spoke to each other in the margins of the Nato summit in Brussels last year, and they have also been repeatedly spoken by telephone.

Rutte announced already that he is the American barriers to trade is going to raise. He wants Trump to make clear that free trade leads to prosperity, also for the United States. Rutte is the first leader from the European Union at Trump pass since the customs duty on steel and aluminium.

The netherlands and the USA are major trade partners: our neighbors to import each year for 60 billion dollars of goods from America, and run itself for $ 30 billion out to the land of Trump. Rutte called the import duties that Trump has imposed therefore, all ‘very unwise’.


The president, in turn, there will be in the Netherlands, especially hammer-on to spend more for defense. Den Haag matches like most of the members are not up to the standard of the NATO alliance to 2 percent of the total value of the economy to defense spending. Rutte gave all that he Trump decisions will give.

For the reception Monday afternoon local time explains Rutte a wreath at the military cemetery, Arlington National Cemetery. The prime minister during his blitzbezoek to Washington, accompanied by the minister for Foreign Trade and development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag.

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