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Cooperation: Microsoft’s Blockchain markets in Southeast Asia, cheer

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Microsoft wants to bring in Southeast Asia, the Blockchain technology. To this end, the technology-giant from the USA with two Asian companies.

A team of three on the Blockchain: Microsoft Taiwan, High Cloud and China Binary Sale Technology have entered into a strategic partnership. The China Binary last Friday announced in a press release.

The collaboration should be across the industry and, among other things, the financial, e-Commerce and the entertainment sector. The main focus lying on the Southeast Asian market. As the founder of China Binary, Sun Jiangtao in Taiwan is the ideal starting point for this endeavor:

“China Binary is optimistic about the commercial application of the Blockchain on the Taiwanese and Southeast Asian market. Taiwan has a Wealth of talents and a profound knowledge of the Southeast Asian market to show for it, has no equal.“

Of the cooperation, hopefully, to make the market in Taiwan, a “bulwark of the Blockchain-Business-Development” and a “Outpost” for the Southeast Asian market.

Microsoft’s Azure platform provides the technical infrastructure available. Microsoft-Taiwan-in-chief Sun Jikang hear:

“Microsoft Azure can increase the safety and speed of the Blockchain services from China to Binary. Incidentally, this is also the reason why China has Binary for Microsoft Azure as a Cloud chosen platform for commercial Blockchain-develop solutions.“

However, the third man, High Cloud, to serve as a link between the tailor-made solutions from China Binary and the commercial applications of Microsoft.

No newcomers in terms of Blockchain

China Binary has with MasterDAX already a product aimed at customers in the Blockchain industry. Accordingly, this resulted in cooperation with Microsoft MasterDAX 2.0. The Service allows you to Create a crypto stock exchange and includes a Trading System Tool for Wallet Management.

Just last week, Microsoft has announced to use the Blockchain technology for the video games sector. It went to the payment from game developers, which will facilitate with the Blockchain-based Quorum-platform and accelerated. The platform is currently in the test phase, will support the Whole of Ubisoft.

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