Clubicoon longer at Vitesse

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ARNHEM – Clubicoon Edward Control his contract at Vitesse with a three-year extension. The assistant coach will remain in each case in mid-2021 in the premiere league club from Arnhem.

Edward Control

Control (55) is a large part of his life active at Vitesse. The born Apeldoorner played less than 295 league games for the club, where he then also was working as a youth coach, head coach and head of training. From 2016 onwards, he serves as an assistant coach at the first team.

This year he replaced starting in april, the dismissed head coach Henk Fraser. Next season, he sits on the sofa next to the new Russian coach Leonid Sloetski.

“Vitesse is my club. I’m excellent at my place and stay like to do my part to contribute to the ambitions of the club,” said Control. “From the contractaanbieding for two seasons, spoke a lot of appreciation. Hopefully we can also this season the supporters back with pride on the club.”

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