Chantal Janzen remains with RTL

4f4efc92594ff163dcd1f48f81521570 - Chantal Janzen remains with RTL

After the transition of Gordon of RTL to SBS, went the rumors about that also, Chantal Janzen transmitter would change. But the presenter will give Tuesday itself, for clarity: “I have news that I’ll stick with RTL and I am very happy and RTL, I think.”

Chantal says on RTL that they plan for a longer period of time to remain. “We have a real commitment to excellent programs to make. I was really looking forward to it.” What programs that are is not yet known.

About the switch of Gordon, she says: “You offer people a package, and financially there is a lot involved. I think to some people that a party other than slightly more features and then choose to do so. It may also be that a station does not want to with certain names. I think that sound also just heard may be.”

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