Busy summer for Herbert Verhaeghe

d7894c1474eae3ef592c9d387bfdd406 - Busy summer for Herbert Verhaeghe

He is started on the project. And by he we mean Herbert Verhaeghe. The Radio 2 presenter is from today, every morning between 6 and 8 in your radio, at least if you go to Radio 2 West-Flanders listen. Normal presents Herbert the middagpost but during the summer months he may West-Vlaanderen wake up. “From today until August 10, do you hear me, everyone, every working day between 6 and 8”, it sounds excited. “These are really the coolest hours to work as it is so hot”, the presenter continued. Herbert combines the presentatiewerk with performances because he is this month, but less than 27 times on the podium. After 10 August, he takes some holidays, that he has double-and deserved.

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