Budget cuts are threatening EO hard to hit

The proposed budget cuts by the Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO) are likely to have large consequences for the Evangelical Broadcasting company (EO). As it looks now, half the broadcasting of religious programs as Adieu God?, The Chest, I miss you and The Change. That says Arjan Lock, chairman of the Board of Directors of the EO.

According to him, will be broadcasting the hardest knocks. “We go back of over 9 million euros to 4 million euros.” The cuts are, according to him, disproportionate and lead to many redundancies. How many employees have to leave, he can not yet say. “The NPO engages in for the vulnerable program, which may not be the most viewers it attracts, but of great social value. That is a false choice,” says Lock. “This undermines the NPO, the public character of the order. The programming that is in the heart of the broadcaster disappears.”

The proposed cuts are, according to Lock hard when we arrived at the EO staff. “There is anger, outrage, and misunderstanding. Although it is not so in our nature, there is now very much need to protest to draw. This should not, and this must be reversed.”

Advertising revenue

The targeted programs are now every week on television. Last week it was announced that the program’s Focus+, Backlight and Other Times by the cuts hit.

Reason for the measures are the declining advertising income, making the NPO the next year more than 60 million euros less will minister Arie Slob (Media). That wild Friday still nothing to lose on potential programs that should disappear. “Eventually we will when the budget is finally to determine what is there for 2019 should happen, but that moment is not there yet,” said Slob.

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