Blockbuster ‘the Wolf of Wall Street’ may be co-financed with laundered money

c1ebf5bab5eab57924d825bcd6e88673 - Blockbuster 'the Wolf of Wall Street' may be co-financed with laundered money

The blockbuster ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ 2014, a biographical film about massive beursfraude with Leonardo DiCaprio in a starring role, would possibly, for a part, financed with laundered money, reports entertainmentmagazine The Hollywood Reporter. A producer of the film is tomorrow by a anticorruptiecommissie in Malaysia interrogated about his role in a major corruption scandal that reaches all the way to Hollywood.

Riza Aziz (right in photo) with his production company Red Granite Pictures out of Los Angeles collaborated on the production of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. Aziz is the stepson of the former Malaysian prime minister, Najib Razak, himself a key figure in a major corruption scandal and, since the departure of his premiership in may the subject of an investigation.

Aziz would be in 2012, about 238 million laundered dollars received from a Malaysian state fund, money that was used to luxevastgoed in Beverly Hills, New York and London to finance, as well as to his production company to focus. In addition to ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ produced by Red Granite Pictures even some hollywood blockbusters, such as “Dumb and Dumber To’ and ‘Friends with Kids’.

Red Granite Pictures sent in march with the Us authorities for an amount of $ 60 million after allegations about the creation of the production company with money from the Malaysian state fund. Now Aziz, who is also in Malaysia to justify.

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