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Bithumb: Airdrop is planned, Trading Coupons & Details of the Hack

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After the Hack the crypto-Exchange Bithumb the stock exchange has now released Details. As it turned out, was the amount of damage is less than originally thought. The operators want to compensate all the users that are pleasing to the attack victim. In addition, the stock market is currently Trading Coupons.

It was one of the events does not inspire the confidence of potential investors. The cryptographic stock exchange Bithumb fell to a Hack attack to the victim, when the crypto came currencies in millions lost. The Problem remains: cryptographic systems of the stock exchanges are not currencies for sure, apparently. To limit the damage, want to Bithumb, however, compensate all of its users. They also issued a list with all the stolen crypto-currencies.

As you can see from the table, the damage in the case of Bitcoin, with nearly 13.9 billion Korean Won (approximately 10 million Euro). The total amount amounts to almost 14.5 million euros. Thus, the damage is less than originally assumed, Bithumb in the official Statement that this is mainly due to their fast response and the cooperation with other Exchanges.

In addition to the promised compensation for the stolen Assets, an Airdrop Event is planned. Accordingly, all Bithumb to get users free Trading Coupons. With these you can Trade without having to pay fees – they are limited per user to one per day.

Compensation in the Form of Airdrops

In addition, all users who were active during the Hacks no withdrawals, a compensation of 10 percent of its stored get crypto-currencies. However, you must first sign up for the compensation. In which crypto currency is the Airdrop takes place, it is not yet known. Those who would like to sign up for the compensation, you can do that here:

Application for compensation (PC)

Application for compensation (mobile)

Attacks on crypto exchanges happen more often than many users of popular. As we reported in may about the re-Hack at the Verge. In addition, Coincheck suffered in March, an attack that also Binance fell at the beginning of the year, some of the victims of that attack.

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