Badr Hari will remain in Morocco for daughters

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Badr Hari continues to live in Morocco until his two daughters are grown. This tells Badr, in an interview with the magazine Linda. “I was at first not going for so long in Morocco, but as my children get older I think more and more I stay here until they are eighteen, so that their school can finish it.”

His oldest daughter Amber is now five years old and is in Morocco at an American school. “They think and talk in English, but also speaks Dutch and Moroccan,” says the kickbokser, in Rabat lives. His wife Daphne already speaks Arabic. “That is a lot of pienterder in terms of languages than I am. Only she dares still not where I am.”

Badr was because of his children difficult in the Dutch prison. In april of last year he began the remainder of slightly more than seven months in prison for multiple violent crimes. “I have to honestly say that of all the times that I’ve sat, the latter was the most difficult. Now I went in and had a daughter of five behind, a girl that daily whole conversations with me. You’re really her boyfriend and suddenly her boyfriend away.”


Badr told his oldest daughter that he was away to train. “You can be a child of five still does not explain what a prison is? But that was all tricky situations. Normally in facetime I with her if I’m not, and you can also see. So at one point she started to beg: ’Daddy, I want to see you’. But yes, how would I do that?”

When Badr home returned, it was business as usual. “I saw my children when they wake up the next day. My daughter Amber was me five minutes to look. Then she whispered: Daddy, you’re back. My youngest daughter, Houda had a day of trouble, and then all was well again.”

On the website Linda News explains to the editors that they Badr all were allowed to ask questions during the interview, which, incidentally, was an idea from his pr lady. “Why we Badr a stage? The interview with Badr was offered to us and the kickbokser speaks rarely with the press. We understand the controversy around this man, but good journalism is also this side of the story heard.”

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