Back to the Future-gymp auctioned

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One of the ‘zelfstrikkende’ sneakers that actor Michael J. Fox in 1989 wore during Back to the Future: Part II has an auction on eBay 92.100 dollar raised, translated over 79,000 euros. This reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future.

In the film, the main character Marty McFly to the future year of 2015. He went high-tech sports shoes fit with automatic laces. The auctioned left shoe in the film was used, is now in poor condition and is just about out of each other, but nevertheless there were 220 bids.

Nike brought the futuristic athletic shoes in 2016 in a limited edition of 89 copies. A portion of the proceeds went to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which is committed to a cure for Parkinson’s. Michael J. Fox revealed in 1998 that he suffers from the disease.

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