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Tour de France weert defending champion Chris Froome

Chris Froome, the Tour will still not drive. The British defending champion is banned from the Tour, according to Le Monde. He has already lodged an appeal.

The organization has to Team Sky let them know that the Froome next week Saturday is not welcome, because of the dopingprocedure that against him. Froome was last year caught on a high-Salbutamol-value in his blood. To a suspension was not, but the case is still being investigated.

Team Sky has immediately lodged an appeal. The case comes up on Tuesday, July 3, the day should there be a decision to fall.But a serene start of the Tour, there seems to be no more: the riders will start on Saturday, a few days after the ruling, which will be reverberating.

Earlier this year, won the I won the Giro, in France, threw he at a fifth victory. During the Giro had Froome been a lot of criticism in his presence: he would be the image of the sport only but perceived as suspicious, to continue to participate in races. Former tour winner Bernard Hinault called even to a ‘strike’ to Froome from the Tour.

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