’This professor stalkte girl with 800 messages a day’

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ORLANDO – An American teacher from the University of Central Florida is arrested because he is a student bombarded with instant messages. “Please listen! We are just one step away from eternal happiness”, he wrote, when the girl entreated him to stop.

The 39-year-old Ali Borji, which is officially the title of assistant professor wore, offered, a student of educational aid. After a few appointments early to a privédate. The student consented. Later, she decided that the relationship between the ” professional should stay’, so write in the local media.

There thought Borji otherwise. He sent more than 800 messages per day, say the prosecutors. “Our detectives sitting in on the case. We have a policy of ’zero tolerance’ on this kind of behavior,” says a police spokesman.

’Everything you do’

One of the messages was: “You should be happy that there is someone you like, that he stalks. You think I’m crazy, and that may be true, but I like to huge you!”

When the student is not entered in to his advances, had the assistant professor have a Plan B: he was an artificial intelligence version of her, so that he could do what he wanted.

Meanwhile Borji, is no longer employed at the university. The school cooperates fully with the investigation. Borji is suspected of stalking and is set provisionally, pending his trial.

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