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TenX is a rate increase for PAY & Bank Identification Number

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TenX has a Bank Identification Number. Thus, the company’s founder, Dr. Julian Hosp a step further on the way to the Bank license. The price to PAY for the Token rose in the Wake of the message drastically.

Who deals in depth with crypto-currencies, pushes sooner or later, on a dazzling figure in the crypto-Ecosystem: Dr. Julian Hosp. of The man who has set out to make the world #kryptofit, is the co-founder of TenX. The company has taken on the task of creating a bridge between crypto-currencies and to build the traditional payment system. With the TenX cards, it should be possible in the future to pay via Cross-Chain-payment channels used by credit card with crypto-currencies. On his way there, the company has now achieved a small milestone: the Bank Identification Number (BIN).

The AM serves as credit, Debit, and to identify other payment cards. Thus, it is especially possible that the cards in the ATM system. By this assignment, one can also fraud before. To not confuse the AM with a banking license – this can be at the moment.

With a very cryptic Tweet Dr. Julian Hosp announced the news via his Twitter Account:

The User Assertion Error dechifrierte the Tweet shortly afterwards and turned out that TenX is received, the AM apparently in the Landesbank Berlin and registered in:

The course for the TenX Token PAY increased as a result drastically. He jumped from 0.48 to 0.71 cents. Thus, the PAY-Token has a 24-hour increase of 35 percent. In the week running it are even close to 55 percent to the TenX-rate increased.

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