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Stoffel Vandoorne: “My race was in the third turn on”

a573fd7563e90f53e832da25a99190ee - Stoffel Vandoorne: "My race was in the third turn on"

The race of our fellow countryman, Stoffel Vandoorne was already on before the first round of the GP of Austria was finished. In the third bend reed Vandoorne against another car, leaving his McLaren badly damaged, and he almost immediately at a round behind the chapel.

“It was a normal racing incident,” says Vandoorne back on the collision in the opening round. “In the third corner there were three or four cars next to each other reason and then everything comes naturally together. The contact was unfortunate enough not to avoid.”

“After I make a pit stop for a new nose, I came back in the traffic on the track. I immediately got blue flags and the leaders in the race crossed me over. It was frustrating to be all the carriages to pass.”

In contrast to team-mate Fernando Alonso could Vandoorne by his round behind not to take advantage of the many incidents and non-starters in the race. Positive is however, that the McLaren during the race again a lot more competitive than in qualifying.

“At the end of the race I got a few free rounds, and I managed to get a few cars again. There was still speed in the car. If you go to the lap times than we were today much more competitive than yesterday during qualifying. That is very positive.”

At the end of the race gave Vandoorne, team-mate Fernando Alonso managed to be eighth in the points to finish the race.

“The team a few points managed to achieve is again positive, especially after such a difficult weekend,” concluded Vandoorne.

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