Spectacular escape: gangster escapes per heli

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REAU – One of the most dangerous gangsters of France, the 46-year-old Rédoine Faïd, has again escaped from the prison. He was helped by three men, who armed the ‘ entrance invaded and the prisoner with them. The helicopter was waiting.

The aircraft was burnt found in the vicinity of Le Bourget, north of Paris, reported French media. Faïd stayed in the prison at Réau, in the south-east of Paris.

The gangster was already several times convicted for criminal offences. He considers himself a gangster ’as it should’, with uitdossingen that from hollywood films seem to come. So he used the same kind of hockey mask like Robert de Niro wore in the film Heat. Faïd robbed no pedestrians in quiet areas, but fell like heavy armored geldwagens. He did that with heavy artillery.

Previous escape

Also in 2013, knew the criminal in a spectacular way to leave the prison. Faïd escaped from prison in Séquedin in Lille by using explosives and by the guards hostage.

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