Riots over water shortage in Iran

63bc6afb0fea1aa94c671b4be5616817 - Riots over water shortage in Iran

TEHRAN – In Iran is Saturday night protesting against the persistent shortage of drinking water. The police used tear gas, there was an injured person. It’s been days broiling in Iran, with temperatures of above 45 degrees.

The demonstrations would also be a disguised protest against the islamic regime. Was In Paris this weekend, a large demonstration of opponents of the Iranian government. Just from Germany would be 30,000 people in 600 buses traveled to Paris.

The Iranian president Hassan Ruhani travels Monday to Switzerland to the consequences of the withdrawal of the USA from the nuclear agreement with Iran to discuss. Another topic is the future of the economic relations under the influence of the American sanctions against Iran. Wednesday travel Ruhani to Austria for a meeting with chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP).

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