Police prevent Gay Pride parade in Istanbul

ed541251818a34b2f55828c1b2bff7a4 - Police prevent Gay Pride parade in Istanbul

The Turkish riot police on Sunday in Istanbul’s heavy-handed action against hundreds of people who were planning to take part in a Gay Pride. There was tear gas used on people to disperse.

The local authorities had also decided this year to the Gay Pride for safety reasons, to prohibit. It is already the fourth year in a row that the organization of the Gay Pride in Istanbul, is prevented.

Yet, there were hundreds of people, with banners and rainbow flags, to the shopping street Istiklal down to take part in the parade.

The police managed, however, to permit the passage of the lgbt-activists prevented, inter alia through the streets to block them with water cannons. Using tear gas, batons and police dogs were the participants in the Gay Pride then reduced. According to the activists, the police action also use of rubber bullets.

“The governor has once again a crime committed by a specific group of society to discriminate against’, so to respond to organizers Sunday in a statement.

Turkey is one of the few countries in the Middle East, homosexuality is not prohibited. But the violence against lgbt’s, there is the increased sharply in recent years.

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