Nick & Simon play next year in Ostend and Hasselt

0e7a7cd48ac316b71ab8fcb78e901ed9 - Nick & Simon play next year in Ostend and Hasselt

In may were Nick & Simon in a well-stocked Antwerp city Theatre with their ‘Pleasant’-theatre tour and that concert was such a great stroke of luck, that the Band the duo has decided to make next year two concerts in Flanders. Today start the ticket sales for the concerts on may 11 at the Hasselt Ethias Theater and June 14 in Kursaal Oostende. Together with their experienced band, play Nick & Simon their biggest hits: ‘The Soldier’, ‘Pak m’n hand’, ‘The day that everything is better’, but also songs from their recently released album ‘Pleasant’ pass the revue. “In the past few years, we have built a strong relationship with our Flemish fans. We would be happy to come meet their question with not one, but two concerts, for which we, with much love and fun in the coming months more to travel to Flanders. Here we feel at home, in Hasselt, but also in Ostend. Because it’s so cosy next to the sea and in the Hasselt town, we decided to every day, something we fans also warmly recommend”, says the duo is excited to be in choir.

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