New single Maaike Ouboter

‘From now on you’ is the second album by Maaike Ouboter. The album they made after ‘I miss you’. After her debut, ” And how the day is’ from 2015. After the club tour, the theatertours, the festivals. After the moment they are on a Monday morning woke up and thought: and now? Her approach, you could journalism can call (Maaike wanted used to be a journalist), and maybe even literary. Her second album is a collection of short stories. A collection of stories from others where her mind has let go. That is her thinking. That have touched her. And of which they are a song, has made. She is three months long criss-cross Europe, and Israel and Palestine continued. She was staying with a straatclown in Barcelona. An opera-director in Hungary, with whom a road-trip to Vienna. “But those first three days, I had to nurse because I have a big flu had’. She sat on the bank with a Sudanese refugee in Tel Aviv. At a German krimi writer. Went to a Norwegian anarchist. No well known people, their names are not important. No one knew who Her was, what she had done. The a found it no problem to a complete unknown in the house, the other wanted to first take a scan at coffee in the café. But all broke the ice, and they went to talk. About themselves. About family. About relationships. About things that they regret. On the turns that they did, and didn’t need to take.

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