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Massive fraud with drankjetons at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS village in Kortrijk

c70edbeafcce7fc518949cc8e0203e40 - Massive fraud with drankjetons at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS village in Kortrijk

The organizer of the voetbaldorp on the Schouwburgplein in Kortrijk, sitting in sackcloth and ashes. There is massive fraud with tokens that were purchased through The old tokens are from Monday doesn’t have to be accepted.

Thousands of football fans signs, always present at the Kortrijk, Schouwburgplein during the matches of the Red Devils. A fun and free celebration to date. With a happy organiser and a team that has him as good as possible, assist everyone as quickly as possible to operate. Therefore, there is also – as is true of most festivals – worked with an easy payment system of tokens. Also two years ago during the european CHAMPIONSHIPS was already the case.

Seven cents per piece

But now it seems that the system is susceptible to fraud.”During the match against England we smoke danger. There was the feeling that something is not right, ” says organizer Kurt Goethals. After research, it appears that there are heavily cheated was with tokens that simply were purchased on the online shop Where a token on to the world cup village in Kortrijk two to three dollars cost, are quasi similar tokens on sold for … seven cents per piece

‘It is not a thousand dollars worth of damage, but a multiple of it, ” says Goethals. ‘Given the free access we have to the consumption of food and drink. The rent of the screen costs money, and the streaming also.’

And so decided Goethals to not longer with tokens to work. More: ‘We accept during the contest Monday no previously purchased token. I hope that the viewer who is not used fraudulent, understands us. If the to thousand euros was gone, then we came to the top, but this is too bulky. We need this drastic measure to take our organization to protect.’

Beginning Monday, also keeps the police an eye in the sail. Goethals also calls for an official investigation. ‘If the purchaser or purchasers want to concede, then can the guilty to be sought.’

According to our information, there are a few young people, dozens of tokens handed out. One of them, there would be hundreds of via the internet ordered. It’s probably more to stoerdoenerij than to profit. All which could here and there tokens to dumpingprijzen are sold.

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