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Leon Bridges: Texas nightingale

8f18bbe6b361fa312fb2e8444dba5d4e - Leon Bridges: Texas nightingale

We could begin to compare. With Otis Redding. With Sam Cooke. Or with a contemporary, young soulstemmen such as Michael Editor. But not only is all too often done, we would be Leon Bridges, moreover, dishonour do. He proved, after all, just that he has personality enough in the house to the constraints of retro-soulact in which he was to be pushed after his first album, finally to shake off.

This threw the singer out of Texas a lot of songs from his new album ‘Good thing’ in the fight. Piece for piece soulsongs which, although it referred to the old masters of the genre, but also contemporary sound.

Other weapons which Bridges are operated in the battle for our hearts: his charisma and his voice. Often excels in an artist only in one of both (the most charismatic rock stars sing rare as nightingales), but Leon Bridges has it all. The looks, the moves, the golden voice. A natural talent, which Leon.

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