Katerine Avgoustakis put leaning situation right

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Singer Katerine Avgostakis last week finally has her certificate of secondary education achieved. Yes, you read it right: She never has her diploma in secondary education passed because they are for a showbizzcarrière chose. As a singer in Indiana, her participation in Star Academy, foreign performances and her participation in the Expedition, Robinson, had She no time for school and that it was not really a problem. But She wanted this skewed situation straighten out and I decided that the singer yet again to study. “After the evenings of my work, between all the rehearsals and performances, even during my pregnancy, and with a brand new baby in the house, I can proudly say that I after 4 years of literally, between the soup and the rumbling by, finally got my high school degree have achieved”, She know. “It was a jeugdzonde, but the experiences I have had through the tours and travel (Remember Robinson ) you can’t learn in school,” laughs the singer of Level Six. She got her degree through second-chance education and there she is rightly proud of.

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