French topgangster escaped for the second time from prison

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The French topgangster Rédoine Faïd is Sunday afternoon, escaped from the prison of Seine-et-Marne, close to Paris. His help from the outside, used a helicopter.

The 46-year-old Faïd, who in 2011 was arrested for his part in an armed robbery in which a police officer was killed and a prison sentence of 25 years properly finished, could Sunday at 11.30 am escape after a helicopter with a few armed men in the courtyard of the prison was landed. Faïd was at that time in the bezoekruimte.

The whole action lasted not more than a few minutes, according to the jail administration did. There were no injuries. The helicopter was later found in Gonesse, about sixty kilometres away. According to a police source would be the pilot, an instructor who was taken hostage by the friends of Faïd.

Faïd is not to his advantage. In 2013, he escaped once from the prison of the Séquedin, near Lille. When verkleedde himself as a warden, and he made use of binnengesmokkelde explosives. He kidnapped four warders on his way to the outside. Only six months later, he could again be arrested.

The French-Algerian ‘ontsnappingskoning’ spent also for his conviction in 2011, already many years behind bars. He led in the nineties, a gang that is armed robbery, organized in and around Paris. He said that hollywood films such as Scarface him to do so, had inspired. In 2009 he wrote even a book about his criminal past.

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