Declan Donnelly supports ex Ant McPartlin

e8f658933991627d17ebbf1c271461cc - Declan Donnelly supports ex Ant McPartlin

Declan Donnelly cross Lisa Armstrong is a heart under the belt, now shown is that his sidekick there with his personal assistant off and is gone.

Declan Lisa has a appje sent with the text ’You know to find me if you want to talk to. Be strong, know The Sun. It would be the first time that Declan himself has heard, after the end of last year it was announced that Ant and Lisa apart.

According to a source, Declan is torn by the separation. “Ant is his best friend. Their friendship is like a marriage. But he also feels very involved with Lisa.” After it was announced that Ant falls in love with his PA, Anne-Marie Corbett, decided to ’Dec’ to contact. “He is in a difficult position, especially now that the separation is disgusting.”

Lisa expressed earlier on Twitter all her anger about the new relationship of her future ex-husband. Allegedly she refuses the divorce papers to sign.

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