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Chronixx: No sense, no hits

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The reggaemannen are not convincing this year. The shows of Naâman and Alborosie were too smooth and predictable to be good. Chronixx had apparently no meaning in and forgot to take his great successes.

It does not greatest hits, but at a festival you expect a few recognizable and meezingbare highlights. That the abundant female backing vocals on the band stood, was also not conducive for the connection with the audience.

That lap, only waking up when the Zinc Fence Redemption band, the rhythm shifted to hip-hop and lukewarm pop. Chronixx had a lot of strong messages in the home, such as a rastaman, it is fitting, but the Jamaican patois went for most people, as usual, lost.

Next time, perhaps even one of the many new singers from Jamaica questions instead of always the same male names?

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